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Stainless Steel Balls & Ballcones

Coin stamping burnished with inox steel balls.Stainless Steel Balls and Spheres.Stainless steel ballcones.Coin blank polished with stainless steel balls.Exporter of stainless steel balls and media.Technocon Engineers, India >>

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Technocon Engineers, India are suppliers of high quality stainless steel balls, ballcones, satellites and inox steel balls used as tumbling media in burnishing, polishing, pickling and descaling of coin blanks and stamped coins.

Details of stainless steel media in different shapes....

The manufacturing process for Coin Blank has the following stages:

Metal Strip - Roll To Gauge - Punch Cores - Deburr Cores - Rim Cores - Preplating Clean And Rinse - Nickel, Aureate Or Copper Electroplating - Post Plating Rinse - Plated Blank Drying - Heat Treatment, Annealing - Descaling, Pickling and Burnishing - Automated Mechanical And Optical Inspection, Quality Control - Packaging.
Process of Burnishing, Polishing, Descaling and Pickling of Coin Blanks

After heat treatment and annealing, burnishing, polishing, descaling and pickling is employed to make the surface of the coin blank brighter, remove any surface scaling or discolouration and in some cases apply a minute amount of lubricant to assist in coining.

This process is carried out in a Vibratory or Centrifugal Finishing Machine that tumbles the coin blanks with a mixture of stainless steel balls and other media like ballcones and special chemicals, which etch and polish and brighten the surface. At times this process is preceded by a run in ceramic media.

After burnishing in stainless steel media, the coin blanks are dried by passing them through a hot air drier or by tumbling them with heated corncob to remove all water marks and to prevent any subsequent tarnishing or atmospheric oxidation. The annealed, burnished and dried blanks are stored ready for coining.

The burnishing operation is also employed after stamping of the coins.


Stainless steel ball burnishing vibratory finishing machine for polishing coin blanks and stampings.
Ball Burnishing Machine with
Inox, Stainless Steel Balls

Stainless steel balls, ball-cones, satellites steel media used for burnishing
Stainless, inox steel balls in various diameters.Stainless steel ballcones.Stainless steel satellites.

Quality: The lustre attained during the burnishing process depends largely on the quality of the stainless steel balls. The balls used are spherical and are polished, lapped and passivated.  Process specifications, most of the times, require completely non magnetic balls.

Steel: Generally AISI 304 stainless steel balls are used. For higher burnishing requirements, AISI 316 steel balls are preferred.

Size and Shape: Depending upon the size of the coin blanks, ball diameters ranging from 2 mm to 6 mm (5/64" to 15/64 inch size) are suitable. A mixture of sizes is also used. Generally, 3x5 mm size ballcones or satellites are mixed with the spherical balls to polish the edges and engravings, if any. For trial runs, eclipse balls are used for cost savings.

Techbuff stainless steel media offered by Technocon Engineers, India is the preferred choice of many coin blanks makers and mints worldwide because of its excellent quality and very competitive prices.

Range of Coins and Blanks

Burnishing is required in all types of monometallic and bimetallic coins – stainless steel, copper covered steel, bicolor coins, nickel and aureate-bonded nickel blanks, nickel bonded steel, coin blanks out of precious metals, especially out of fine silver, silver copper alloys, aureate, Nordic Gold alloy, fine gold and gold alloys, as well as Platinum with various surface finishes and in different shapes and sizes.

Coins burnished with stainless steel balls.
Technocon Engineers offers burnishing media in steel in many shapes and sizes:
Spherical Balls, Ball Cones, Satellites, Eclipses, Cylinders, Diagonals and Pins.
Details ....

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Exporter of stainless steel balls and media.Technocon Engineers, India

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