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Technocon Engineers, India is a supplier and exporter of steel balls - precision stainless steel ball, inox, HCHC, chrome alloy steel balls in various diameters and tolerances for applications like grinding media for ball mills, ball burnishing media for vibratory finishing, agitators, use in ball bearings, valves, bicycles, automobiles, dispenser spray pumps, aerosols, conveyors, roller skates, casters, drawer slides, door locks, body jewelry.
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  Steel Balls  -  Stainless and Chrome
Steel Ball Sizes for spherical balls
Stainless Steel, Inox - AISI 304 / 316 / 302 >>
Chrome Steel - AISI 52100 / En31 / SUJ 2  >>
 Sizes in MM
Steel Ball Diameter 'A'
1.50   7.00
2.00 8.00
2.50 8.50
3.00 9.00
3.50 9.50
4.00 10.00
4.50 10.50
5.00 11.00
5.50 11.50
6.00 12.00

  Sizes in Inches
Steel Balls Diameter 'A'
Fraction Decimal   Fraction Decimal
1/16" 0.063" 9/32" 0.281"
5/64" 0.078" 5/16" 0.313"
3/32" 0.094" 11/32" 0.344"
7/64" 0.109" 3/8" 0.375"
1/8" 0.125" 13/32" 0.406"
5/32" 0.156" 7/16" 0.438"
3/16" 0.188" 15/32" 0.469"
7/32" 0.219" 1/2" 0.500"
15/64" 0.234"    
1/4" 0.250"    
Technocon offers steel balls in the above sizes and diameters only.
Production sequence of steel balls
Wire Coil:
Steel wire of specific material and size is checked for correctness.
Cutting: The wire is cut into required lengths.
Forging / Heading: Spherical shapes between dies are formed.
Deflashing: The flash line along the circumference is removed.
Heat Treatment: Chrome and bearing steel balls are thorough hardened.
Cleaning / Descaling: Basic surface cleaning is done.
Hard Grinding / Filing: An exacting process to achieve required sphericity and size of the steel ball.
Lapping: The final surface finish is acquired through this process.
Polishing / Burnishing: Surface lustre, work hardening, higher product life is achieved.
Passivation: Carryover iron and other contaminants are removed and a surface film prevents atmospheric and water corrosion on stainless steel balls.
Inspection: For surface finish, size and tolerance.
Rust preventive oil: Applied on chrome alloy steel balls to save from rusting and corrosion.
Packing: Done as per requirement in numbers, pieces or by weight. VCI paper or bags are used wherever necessary.
Advantages of  Technocon Steel Balls
The best steel, pre-tested, is used with modern production, inspection procedures.
Proprietary polishing, lapping processes employed, result in world class finishes.
Strict quality control and inspection at each stage ensures that each steel ball which
    finally rolls out, conforms to the required quality and specification.
The steel ball are offered in a wide range
    Of  material compositions in chrome, bearing, inox and stainless steel;
    In sizes ranging from 1.5 mm to 12.7 mm and 1/16" to 1/2" diameters;
    And Grade 20 to 2000, which basically denotes the tolerance and surface finish.
The steel balls are sold both in numbers or pieces and by weight in kg or lbs.
ECLIPSE STEEL BALLS (Round steel ball with slight flattening on the top & bottom ends)
ECLIPSE STEEL BALLWherever exact roundness is not essential,
as in many grinding and steel media finishing processes,
we suggest the use of
eclipse steel balls.
Their cost is substantially less than precise spheres.
These are available in all the above diameters starting from 3 mm and 1/8"
in both Chrome Steel and Stainless Steel.

For Spherical Steel Balls Technical Data;
Weight per 1000 pieces for various diameters,
click here.


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